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Uncover PsO Support Options | TREMFYA® (guselkumab)

TREMFYA withMe Guide

Meet your dedicated TREMFYA withMe Guide, a qualified healthcare professional* who will help you throughout your treatment journey with the support and information you need.

Your TREMFYA withMe Guide is a single, dedicated point of contact that can help you set expectations as you start therapy, navigate prescription and cost support, and provide treatment support such as injection training.

*Guides do not provide medical advice. Please consult your doctor for any questions you have about your disease or therapy.

Prescription & Cost Support

TREMFYA withMe can provide support to help you: verify your insurance coverage, understand how to fill your prescriptions, and look for options that could make your treatment more affordable.

Learn more about our Cost Support Programs

Treatment Support

Get access to information about your disease, injection support, and how to safely return syringes.

Injection Support

Your first self-injection should be performed at your doctor’s office so he or she can show you the right way to give yourself injections. Should you need additional help, your TREMFYA withMe Guide can assist with live or virtual one-on-one training sessions.

Injection you can really click with

TREMFYA® is the first FDA-approved medication of its kind to selectively block IL-23 and to offer the One-Press patient-controlled injector, featuring:

  • A hidden needle, so you don’t see it unless you go looking for it.
  • An easy-to-hold design that lets you control the injection.
  • A “click” sound indicating completion, followed by a yellow band that tells you when the needle guard is locked.

TREMFYA® is administered as a single 100 mg injection under the skin at weeks 0 and 4, and then every 8 weeks.

Your first self-injection should be performed at your dermatologist’s office so he or she can show you or your caregiver the right way to give injections under the skin. After this training, and with your healthcare provider’s approval, you may be able to inject at home.

TREMFYA® is available as a prefilled syringe or One-Press patient-controlled injector.

TREMFYA withMe provides injection training support for patients who have been prescribed TREMFYA® by their healthcare provider for either moderate to severe plaque psoriasis or active psoriatic arthritis. This program will provide you with additional injection support to help you with your TREMFYA® treatment at home.

The injection demonstration videos and guides are not meant to replace the Instructions for Use that come with your TREMFYA® medication. Please read those instructions before using TREMFYA® and each time you get a refill.

Learn more about used syringe disposal

If you've received approval from your doctor to inject at home and have been properly trained, you can use Safe Returns® as a simple, safe, and convenient way to dispose of your used syringes or the One-Press patient-controlled injector—at no cost to you. When you sign up, you'll receive an FDA-approved Safe Returns® disposal container in the mail, along with easy-to-follow mail-back instructions. Click below to get started.